I started my adventures in the early nineties.

In Bergen, West-Norway I met the Leningrad Cowboys who hosted the most popular radio show in Finland called Pullakuskit at the Radio City FM station.
They just asked me to make live reports from phone booths to their show.

That´s how all started.

In 1993
I kicked football all the way from Stockholm, Sweden to Orlando, USA.
It took four months and five pair of shoes to do this world record adventure of more than 2000 kilometers.

In 1994
I kicked a custom kicksled from Helsinki, Finland to Barcelona, Spain. In Barcelona I turned around and kicked myself back to Helsinki. It took four months to make this fun trip of more than 7400 kilometers.

In 1995
I build an unique downhill kicksled and made a six month show tour in ski resorts in Lapland, Finland.

In 1996
I bicycled from Helsinki, Finland to Malaga, Spain

In 1997
I established kicksled rental agencies in Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Los Angeles, USA.

In 1998
I established a kicksled rental agency in Helsinki, Finland. I also kicked a 1000 kilometer trip in Bulgaria.

In 1999
I established a kicksled rental agency in Mallorca, Spain.

In 2000
I was the first man ever who kicked thru China from Beijing to Hong Kong with a custom made kicksled.

I have made hundreds of reports to all major medias in Finland and to CCTV, China.
And have an extensive business network in major media, sports and retail.


It takes a lot of muscles and guts to make long distance adventures but what it really takes is brains.
The key point is to keep your head more busy than your feet or the game is over.

I started to work as concept designer in 2000
First I created the first solution to send SMS messages to live TV-shows in Finland (YLE, Finnish Broadcasting Company). We made multiple modifications and the technology was adapted by other major channels for different kind of purposes.

Then I started to create media/marketing concepts for business lounges at Helsinki International Airport, Restaurants and hotels in Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia and Finland.

The mobile man
The last couple of years have seen major leaps in mobile technologies and exponential growth in the amount of internet connected portable device users – and this is only beginning.

I have designed marketing and sales concepts to many national and international brands.